Get your music fix

Jun 28 The Trying To Fit In Show Kitchener, Ontario 6:00pm
$10 | Fb
Dec 23 The Last Show Ever For Now (because I’m leaving) Secret Location 3:30pm
$15 | Fb
Nov 10 Original Comedy Music LanaLou’s 6:30pm
Nov 9 Candace Coker Band Trees Organic Coffee Granville 8:00pm
Nov 2 Original Comedy Music Trees Organic Coffee Granville 8:00pm
Oct 4 Candace Coker Band Anza Live IV @ The Anza Club 10:30pm
Sep 7 Original Comedy Music PUP Bike Ride @ Granville Island 8:45pm
Aug 19 Original Comedy Music Pancakes & Jam @ Trout Lake 2:15pm
Aug 2 Original Comedy Music The Railway Stage & Beer Café 8:00pm
Jul 29 Open Mic Host The Fringe Café 9:00pm
Jul 28 Original Parodies Weird Al Karaoke @ Little Mountain Gallery 8:00pm
Jul 20 Special Guest w/ Cats Flipping Birds LanaLou’s 7:00pm
Jun 30 Original Comedy Music Sounds of Vancity @ The Backstage Lounge 9:00pm
Jun 14 Original Comedy Music Anza Live III @ The Anza Club 8:00pm
May 27 MEZCLA The Kino 3:30pm
Mar 31 MEZCLA The Fairview Pub 8:30pm
Mar 25 MEZCLA (Latin Rock) Carnaval Del Sol @ Second Floor Eatery 3:30pm
Mar 3 Sing-Alongs & Request-a-Songs The Kitchen Table Kits 9:00pm
Feb 13 Original Comedy Music Cartems Donuterie Mount Pleasant 9:00pm